ahhh….Spring is here!  But so is all the dust!.

Many people turn to Maid In Heaven for their regular cleaning needs as well as heavy duty or “spring cleaning”  Beth Dannenhauer, owner of Maid In Heaven states that “we will do anything requested except move heavy furniture”. Gosh, does that mean washing baseboards, cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, washing windows inside and out, doing laundry, organizing and cleaning the pantry or cleaning out the garage?
Absolutely! How about just normal house cleaning? “Sure” Beth say, “lots of Maid In Heaven’s customers have us clean every  week, or every other week”. Beth started Maid In Heaven in 1995. “It’s hard work, she states, “but that’s how we have built the business.

People are grateful and thankful for our services”.
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They even have Saturday appointments available! Maid In Heaven is licensed, bonded, insured and provide their own
cleaning supplies.

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